damn 2 chainz I thought you wasn't robbed hommie ???? Robber Posts Pics of 2 Chainz's ID & Credit Card on Instagram!

2 Chainz has been trying to defend his honor by denying he was robbed when gunmen ran up on him and his crew while in San Francisco.  Chainz denied being robbed for his chain or any other items, and went as far as to post "Rules 1-3" on what happens when a rapper gets robbed and how pics of what was taken usually are posted online.  However, it would appear as though something was taken from him, as the alleged gunman, or one of his associates, posted a picture of 2 Chainz's ID and credit card on Instagram.
The man in question goes by the name "lilg04" on Instagram, and is claiming that Chainz did in fact get his pockets tapped, and showed proof that he has 2 Chainz's belongings.

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