Miami heat vs Chicago Bulls - shitters Nba 2013 Opening Night

Chinese man cuts his penis off because he can't find a girl friend

Poor people are poor because they make more poor decisions

Alrighty so entry #8 smoking hot
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Nothing slutty I won't post it we are doing 10k hits per day

Justin Bieber - Hold Tight (Audio) -Kas take - Hold Tight Justin Bieber

Smoking Hot #6 @_TattedBeautyy

Alright So smoking hot Section #6
comes from My Twitter  page
you can follow her on twitter @_TattedBeautyy
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Top 5 Halloween Movies ! Get that Marathon on !

Halloween is around the corner well here is my list of the top 5 Halloween movies

2.haunting in conneticut
3.Nightmare on elm street 1
4.Scream 1

Smoking Hot #5

Sweat pants hair tied chilling with no make-up on
That's when you're the prettiest I hope that you don't take it wrong
#5 Smoking hot section get those pics in !!

My First Pair OF Jordans and also my favs till this day

I loved these shoes they where my first pair of jordans and till this day still my favs
I still have mine tucked away in a shoe box I never wear them so they are still mint 13 1/2 shoe

Dude Pops a Molly strips nude and then things get really weird

Smoking Hot beauty of the week #2

Ok week 2 Of smoking hot girl of the week where I showcase Women
ANd this week is Email me pics with some class no half naked chicks
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So introducing Tiffany :)

Smoking hot Beauty of the week

Alrighty So this is my first edition of Smoking hot beauty of the week I want to show case women who are not normally on the front of the mags so no slutty dressed women ,half naked women I want to show case class and elegance !
submit atleast 4 pics !

so here is the first edition submit pics to

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings 2 year old son beaten by Boyfri...